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Fred Beckhusen of Outworldz (avatar: Ferd Frederix), David Denny (avatar: Darkness Papp).and his team have done wonders again with another fine OpenSimulator-based region, released as an OpenSim Archive (OAR) licensed only for use on the DreamGrid distribution. Fred’s post on the MeWe – Outworldz Projects group on 28-Mar-2020 gives more details and the download link (not posted here so people should go to the MeWe post to understand the restrictions on usage).

The Hobbiton region and OAR is based on “The Hobbiton Collection” originally created by David Denny. This is an exclusive sim just for DreamGridders to use. David sells sims, so anyone wants this to run on their own grid can contact him. The description below is adapted from the region’s notecard and includes credits for elements used.

Fred Beckhusen, Debbie Edwards, Joe Builder, and David Monday worked to make the sim work smoothly, be totally free and also very beautiful. David Denny did a wonderful job on the layout and the plantings, which the team tweaked only a little bit. Fred redid a lot of the physics for smooth riding of horses and carts.

This is a 3×3 region (768m x 768m) with lots of places to go. There are Hobbits, Elves, Orcs, Trolls, Ents, Caves, Dragons and some surprises done in Animesh and NPC format. David Monday re-built the original Satyr Farm to where it mostly runs itself. The team tested most of the plants and there is even a candle making shoppe that is custom built. Fred replaced the Green Dragon Inn and the windmill with custom mesh buildings. The Green Dragon Inn is based on the current restaurant at the original set, and having been there in real life (in New Zealand near Matamata, see image below) I can say its a fine replica (it was extended for the Hobbit filming).

Walk the trails, look for the signs that say Photo Spot, and post some pics on MeWe or Twitter. Try not to get run over by the Ent, or eaten by the wolves, and watch out for Gandalf’s pony cart. There are teleporters for those who want to cheat and not explore on foot. Hint: Take the boat to the cave going North on the second waterway to the west.


Once an hour or so, Smaug will swoop down and toast your cows, which is worth waiting and watching for! If you don’t see him, TP to him via one of the teleporters and click his box to boot him up. Fred left a lot of NPC boxes visibly out as this is a Beta to test how it works. Provide feedback on MeWe Outworldz projects Group.

Tea with Bilbo Baggins

Hobbit of Hobbiton

The Hobbiton area contains a number of distribution boxes for avatars, one of which is a Hobbit… the Sting sword is from my own resources…

360° Snapshots of Hobbiton – Click on images to view on Flickr

sl360_Hobbiton_4096x2048_2048_20220330_161018 sl360_Hobbiton_4096x2048_2048_20220330_160926

More Detail

On a revisit there is more to see at every turn…

Halloween Pumpkins

Adjusting the Sea Level

The Hobbiton OAR originally had a non-standard sea level of 24m. It can be adjusted to the usual OpenSim default level of 20m by loading the OAR with a Z displacement of -4m.

load oar --displacement "<0,0,-4>" Hobbiton.oar

This will leave the area flooded, as the region sea level is not automatically adjusted.

But after setting that in World -> Region Details -> Terrain -> Water Height the floods recede…

A couple of “vehicles” need to have their position changed by -4m and then the scripts reset (two Viking boats) and the “route” notecard in the Gandalf Pony and Cart. There had been some warnings of missing texture on region startup which were easily tracked down and corrected too. Fred Beckhusen also advised that the Teleporter script was not checking for more than 12 locations and thus showing script errors. The “Teleporter Prim” script in each teleporter pad was amended to ignore any entries beyond 12 buttons.

Project Leader: Fred Beckhusen, Outworldz, LLC.

The Hobbiton Collection is Copyright 2019 by Outworldz, LLC. and is licensed for free use only in the DreamGrid software. If you wish to use it outside the Outworldz system, please contact David S. Denny, daviddenny@live.co.uk, who created the original collection about purchasing it. Many Thanks to Clarice Alelaria, David Monday, and Joe Builder for their contributions.

The farm scripts are licensed by Satyr Farm under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial (CC-BY-NC) 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0/ or send a letter to Creative Commons, PO Box 1866, Mountain View, CA 94042, USA. You are free to modify / create your own items for non-commercial reasons.

To the team’s knowledge all the objects and meshes are Freebies and they thank the makers for their work.

Mordor Troll CC-BY by Ole Gunnar Isager

Elven Guard Statue: by stu92:

Grebo Orc: CC-BY by Freddy Drabble

Ent: CC-BY by 3DMaesen

Amon Hen is CC-by by berti_120

Rusted metal texture pack: GPL 2.0, GPL 3.0, CC-BY 3.0 by p0ss

Teleporter: CC-BY 3.0 by Clint Bellanger

Wizard: CC-BY 3.0 by Anthony Myers

Wood Panels: CC-BY 3.0

More Wood Panels – Batch of 16 Seamless Textures with normalmaps by Keith333

Windows: CC-BY 3.0 by Keith333
Repeating Mini Windows – Largish – Seamless texture with normalmap

Ropes: Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic by Rocsilas Moscas

Dwarf: CC-BY-SA 3.0 by Beast

Forest Monster: CC0

Troll: CC-BY 3.0 by piacenti

Damaged Dock: by Ufuk Orbey (shadedancer619)
Made in: Cinema 4 D R16

Boar: Repainted and Animated by Ferd Frederix


By way of feedback, I spotted the following things…

  1. Satyr farm and the plants and things… just left to themselves a lot died. Is there a simple way to reset things to a “healthy” state? Note: DreamGrid now includes a “Clean Satyr Farm” button under Setup-> Settings -> Region.
  2. NPCs: a number of the NPCs (or maybe they are Animeshes?) appeared to have parts not properly attached where they should be like heads or legs out of position.
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