EdMOLT – Week One – 1.1 to 1.7

Started the course on Edinburgh Model for Online Teaching – henceforth shortened to EdMOLT.

WordPress blog for course observations established at https://blogs.ed.ac.uk/bat_an-edinburgh-model-for-online-teaching/, though my main blog is usually at https://blog.inf.ed.ac.uk/atate/

I added a couple of entries onto the “Padlet” of a world map showing where people have been, are and are going. Its the first time I have used padlet.. my initial observation was that clicking on any pin to see what popped up without any context other than its geolocation was not very helpful. A short label of the contents or each pin, and a popup of the contents when you hover over it rather than having to click and dismiss the contents of every pin… there are hundreds… was unhelpful.

I like to get a sense of the community involved right at the outset and this activity did not really help me do that. I turned to the discussion forums to see who was involved and what their inputs were.

Its been only one day since the course started and there are already way too many separate forums, threads in forums and entries. It is difficult to get any sense of how to approach this. Its got so much material that the status of “unread” posts is already not very helpful. There are many questions there and its unclear how they relate to the course week 1 items and questions and whether they are supplementary or the same. Being at Activity 1.3 means I don’t yet know if those questions are worth looking at or if I will find them in 1.3 to 1.12 for week 1.

The discussion forums were more useful once I clear the backlog of activity in the last 24 hours. Volume in these sorts of forums is an issue, and too many concurrent multiple threads. A focus on a thread or two would work.

Padlet was also used for the activity in module 1.7, and this made sense to share the ideas participants had about various online teaching spaces they might use or envisage…

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  1. Michael Gallagher says:

    Hello there Austin, would you prefer to post to your regular blog? I am happy to feed into that if you prefer? Up to you. Good to have you on board and good that you are casting a critical eye towards everything. We will be moving slowly from the mass discussion board model to a more granular group focus over the duration of the course to give people a taste of everything. Ultimately, this is designed to be a taster of what technologies everyone has access to and what to expect when they use them. Hope you are keeping well!

    • Austin Tate says:

      Thanks Michael. That sound interesting. I plan to keep the blog separate. Then I may export over some selected suitable posts to take into my main blog when the course ends. I did that with the various blogging tools we used on the MSc in e-Learning (now Digital Education) too.

      My approach is also to create a blog post, such as this one for week 1 reflections, and then add to it over time… sometimes adding updates with clear date added information. This does work well for blog posts intended to provided resources and URL links on some topic. But it may not be good for anyone who reads or has an interest in a post and may not see changes or additions. Whereas comments and replies to comments often are notified to those asking for such notifications.

      I am not sure if to close this blog to EASE logins or keep it open. I tend to prefer the latter, but it is convenient to have it available from the regular URLs without via giving EASE logins. It does mean I have to think about posts and screen snapshot to not misuse information shared by others within the course. I have used blurring of some parts of screenshots to do that already. The default I think was private blog posts I was was not sure if you, as course leaders saw private blog pages? But assumed there must be some way for course members, and certainly yourselves, to see EASE login protected posts. I may ask about that on the course forum as others may be unsure too.

      Thanks for the course, its a rainy day, so a good day to continue. I am up to 1.7 at the moment 🙂

  2. Austin Tate says:

    Having read the Discussion Forum about Boogs I changed my blog visibility to private, which I assume can still be seen by the course tutors? Or so I have to add specific admin folks or tutors to the access list? If you see this let me know, otherwise I will explore different visibility settings.

  3. mbreines says:

    Hi Austin,
    The blog is visible.
    Best wishes,

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