EdMOLT – Week Six

Checking out the materials for week six on Feedback and Assessment.

Checked out whether the group I am part of had made any contact on all channels, Teams area, Group Discussion Board and Group Padlet. Looks like I am the only member of the group, besides Micheal Gallagher the course instructor, that has tried any of the channels.

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2 Responses to EdMOLT – Week Six

  1. mbreines says:

    Hi Austin,
    How disappointing that there is a lack of activity. I am sure this is something that many students also experience – any thoughts on how to address lack of engagement in groups?
    Best wishes

  2. Austin Tate says:

    My thinking was that one mechanism might be a mid course offer to ask if students would like to join an active group – so long as the other group was specifically willing to take on new members.

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