Nani OpenSim – Resources

This page is to provide resources related to the Nani branch of OpenSim to assist in testing OpenSimulator. This branch is developed by Nani with support from Hyacinth Jewell of HG Luv Grid. Details of the Nani OpenSimulator version can be found at

Nani OpenSim was branched off from the OpenSim Dev Master on May 5 2018. Nani release versions reflect the release date. E.g. 20.6.11.

An example Nani-based grid is Alternate Metaverse (AMV)


Bakes on Mesh (BoM) on Nani Grids

The 8th October 2020 update to Nani OpenSim makes BoM work more compatibly with viewers that use Second Life/OpenSim style BoM (left hann image). In Firestorm 6.3.9 and beyond users should see BoM equipped avatars correctly. Users using Firestorm 6.0.2 will see fall back coloured faces on BoM avatars (right hand image).

It looks like at the current Nani software release (8th October 2020) that a manual rebake is necessary if you change anything that affects the BoM layer, such as adding classic clothing items or alpha masks. So bakes are not being updated and pushed back to viewers.

There is a mechanism by typing /#bom me in local chat for you to let others around you still using Firestorm 6.0.2 to see BoM avatars. You see this message in local chat:

BoM detected! You may not appear correctly to people with older viewers.
      If you would like to use our bake feature... type in chat
      /#bom me
      ..and you will appear normally to people with all viewers.

There are a few glitches still with the baked head not working or not hiding the underlying classic avatar. But its getting there.

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