Ruth2 Mesh Clothing in OpenSim

Now that Ruth2 v4 is released (see this blog post), it may be time to explore some of the clothing options available for her. Ruth2 is a low-poly open source mesh avatar for OpenSimulator and Second Life.

Remember Ruth2 v4 herself can be obtained at no cost via the OSGrid RuthAndRoth region. You can also find some teleporter boards to various OpenSim Hypergrid locations there… along in some cases with some preselected items from the many that are available. A number of useful additions, such as potentially relevant alpha masks” are also included in the selection boxes.


Taarna Welles – Grid – Savvy – Reboot and ReMake Fashions

Taarna Wellles is one of the original development team for Ruth2 and provided a number of clothing options via her ReBoot stored on the grid…


Sara Payne – Fire and Ice Grid – Covey Stores

Sara Payne, aka Manwa Pastorelli, provided a number of Ruth2 mesh outfits, shoes and animation on the Fire And Ice

hop:// Stores/123/142/22

Alternate Metaverse

Alternate Metaverse (AMV) provides a number of mesh starter avatars and a box of starter mesh clothing, hair and Animation Overriders (AO) that could be useful. Find them and more via the “AMV Annex” or the “Bare Lilies” regions…

hop:// Annex/114/131/26
hop:// Lilies/154/154/9922

Ruth2 v4 Shapes and Skins – Na’vi, Drow and Elf

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