Ruth2 Mesh Clothing in Second Life

Now that Ruth2 v4 is released (see this blog post), it may be time to explore some of the clothing options available for her. Ruth2 is a low-poly open source mesh avatar for OpenSimulator and Second Life. There are a number shopping areas which provide “group gifts” free to anyone who is a member of the store group. Often group membership is free or low cost.

Remember Ruth2 v4 herself can be obtained at no cost via the Second Life marketplace or the inworld location…

  • Second Life Group: “RuthAndRoth” (free to join) – Group name place holder.
  • Second Life Group: “Ruth and Roth Community” (free to join) – Most active and recommended for use.
  • Second Life Marketplace Store: RuthAndRoth
  • Inworld Location: Fireheart/240/223/21

Maitreya “Lara” fit clothing works quite well on Ruth2 v4, though not an exact fit. Using some alpha masks with the bakes on mesh body can be made to work pretty well. So start with Maitreya fit (or “Medium” or “Small” fit mesh depending on the style.

Addams Clothing

Join the Adamms Clothing group, activate the tag and look for the group gifts on the central plinths.

Seniha Originals

There is a large set of group gifts available in the centre of the store. Make sure to join the Seniha original group and activate the group tag.

!Soul by Shannon Bryon

Duck Girl

Duck Girl Mesh Clothing for Ruth2. Use the “Ruth” versions where provided, or try the “Altamura” or “Maitreya” versions for close fit otherwise.

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