jOpenSim – OpenSim with Joomla

A blog post with resources related to jOpenSim, a component which allows the use of the Joomla Content Management System with OpenSimulator.


jOpenSimWorld is an OpenSim grid which uses Joomla and the jOpenSim component to provide its web interface. The Welcome area of jOpenSimWorld uses the OpenVCE virtual collaboration environment and I-Room building contents. A free 4,096sq.m plot is available to new residents on the Canary Islands region.

hop:// Islands/19/236/22

DreamGrid with jOpenSim

jOpenSim is included in Fred Beckhusen’s DreamGrid distribution for OpenSim from version 3.71 (released 27th October 2020)… documentation at

Note on Starting Apache Web Server via DreamGrid

On first and every subsequent startup two DOS boxes appear for OutworldzFiles\Apache\bin\rotatelogs.exe. Fred Beckhusen notes that Apache brings up two black boxes for the “loggers” – one for errors, one for activity which cannot be supressed. If Apache is installed as a service, the DOS log windows go away. This also lets Apache run your web page/blog/wordpress even if your grid is offline.

Also, there are two popups in OutworldzFiles\PHP7\ext\php_curl.dll for procedure entry point “libssh2_scp_recv2”. Fred Beckhusen points out that those error are from the OpenSim maps, which needs PHP curl. PHP will not run curl without loading an obsolete version of OpenSSL.

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