Century Wings SR-71 Blackbird

Century Wings produces a range of high quality diecast aeroplane models… one being the 1/72nd scale Lockheed Martin SR-71 “Blackbird”. I have the following article:

SR-71 Blackbird USAF 60-6937 NASA YF-12C 1975
Century Wings Item No. 910720
Production No. 0401 of 1,200 limited edition


Images from Century Wings

Museum of Flight – SR-71 Blackbird Cockpit and Lockheed M-21/D21

On display at the Museum of Flight in Seattle. I was in the cockpit of a Blackbird at an event in 2001. It is the surviving section of 61-7977, an SR-71 that crashed in 1968.
Austin Tate in SR-71 Cockpit in Seattle, 2001 SR-71 61-7977 cockpit, an SR-71 that crashed in 1968

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  1. bat says:

    Useful Blackbird information in the Twitter feed by the daughter of a SR-71 pilot… https://twitter.com/Habubrats71

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