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Fly with Yusaku Maezawa (MZ) who aims to be the first civilian to fly around the moon on
@SpaceX and has reserved all the seats on the craft. A selection process is underway to select those who will accompany him.

This mission will head to the Moon aboard Starship and Super Heavy Rocket, the next-generation reusable launch vehicle developed by SpaceX. It is a supersized rocket and spacecraft designed for transportation of people and cargo to the Moon, Mars and beyond.

Step 2: Initial Screening by 21st March 2021

From this step the terms and Conditions do not allow further communication about the selection process unless approved by the dearMoon mission organisers.

The Applicant may… publicly announce … only the fact that the Applicant has applied for the Selection and the result of the Selection, but the Applicant may not disclose… the remaining process of the Selection without the prior consent of SPT (SPACETODAY INC.)….

dearMoon Resources in the Virtual World

Prototype facility for social collaboration, interaction, training and education started on the OpenSimulator-based OSGrid dearMoon region and the nearby Space City region…


  • SpaceX Starship by MartianDays, Creative Commons Attribution
  • Moon by AirStudios, Creative Commons Attribution

Flight to the ISS 2021

Yusaku Maezawa (MZ) will fly to the International Space Station (ISS) in December 2021 as a preparatory mission for his Moon flight. He has asked for suggestions for 100 things to do while at the ISS on his 12 day stay. I contributed one…

From the ISS Cupola check off items you can see from a pre-prepared checklist of man made objects said to be visible to the naked eye from space.

I hope you have time to just look at the Earth from space and what better viewpoint than the ISS cupola. This “task” may make the experience more fun and provide some feedback to those on Earth as to what a space farer can actually see from large to smaller man-made objects. The check list of items could itself be something you seek to gather from your social media followers prior to your flight and provide the results afterwards. Bon voyage!

Update: 1-Sep-2021

@dearMoon: “Here’s an update on the selection process for all dearMoon applicant… Candidates who will be going to the next round have now all completed a medical check-up. To those who have not gone that far, we thank you for applying and we hope for your continued support.🚀 ”

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