BBC Academy – Trust in News

Trust in News Conference: The View from the Frontline Fighting Disinformation
Online event – 24th March 2021 –

Hosted by Rory Cellan-Jones, BBC Technology Correspondent, speaking to representatives of the social media platforms about their part in turning the tide on disinformation.

Questions can be asked on Twitter or using the hashtag #TIN21 …


BBC – Beyond Fake News Resources

  • Misinformation refers to false or out-of-context information that is presented as fact regardless of an intent to deceive.
  • Disinformation is a type of misinformation that is intentionally false and intended to deceive or mislead.

Project Origin – Protecting Trusted Media: involving BBC, CBC/Radio-Canada, The New York Times, and Microsoft has been working to define an end-to-end process for the publishing, distribution and presentation of provenance enhanced media. This tamper proof indication can be adapted for audio, video, images and text-based digital media.

Content Authenticity Initiative: is building systems to provide provenance for digital media, giving creators tools to express objective reality and empowering consumers to evaluate whether what they are seeing is trustworthy.

EBU Publications: Report: Fast Forward: Public Service Journalism in the Viral Age.

Reuters Fact Check

AFP Fact Check

Eric Horvitz, Chief Scientific Officer, Microsoft… “I don’t want to be in a world where I can’t trust any sources anywhere anymore”.

Trusted News Initiative (TNI): Jessica Cecil, BBC Trusted News Initiative Director.

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