Global Youth Engineering Climate Conference 2021

The Global Youth Engineering Climate Conference 2021 (GYECC21) online virtual event took place on 7th and 8th September 2021 with exhibits and facilities being available thereafter until 12-Nov-2021. Over 4,000 attendees for some 100 countries joined the event. Use #GYECC21 in social media posts. Access facilities via

The virtual event platform used is “Beehive” (

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A few observations on the Beehive platform:

  1. The animated “Eco-Park” orientation approach and entry to the various areas works well and is easy to use and navigate. Watch out for “Nessy”.
  2. The “Points” system encourages exploration of the exhibits and galleries as well as use of the collaborative aspects of the platform.
  3. When an attendee tries to set up a 1-1 meeting, there was no means I could see to message them to better arrange mutually convenient times, or discuss in advance the topic of the proposed conversation.
  4. When trying to suggest an alternative time for 1-1 meetings for someone who had previously suggested a meeting, the time slot selector briefly flas
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