Meta – Resources

This blog post is to provide resources and access links for Meta ( – previously Facebook) and its Metaverse developments.

Announcement at Facebook Connect 2021 on 28th October 2021: Mark Zuckerberg Talk (YouTube):

Keynote by John Carmack at Facebook Connect 2021:

Metaverse – Resources

Social Web + Virtual World + Content + People

I-Room-Meeting-with-Avatars socialweb-vw-content-people
Austin Tate Briefing on I-Room and its Applications to Operations Centres and Simulated Training, 29-Aug-2015 [PDF of Presentation]


A sense of presence across platforms and experiences is identified as an important aspect of the metaverse/virtual worlds. We have done work on Virtual Distributed Collaboration across platforms and reported on some experience of experiments in this area in the following paper:

Tate, A., Hansberger, J.T., Potter, S. and Wickler, G. (2014) Virtual Collaboration Spaces: Bringing Presence to Distributed Collaboration, Journal of Virtual Worlds Research, Assembled Issue 2014, Volume 7, Number 2, May 2014 [PDF Format].

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