Open Metaverse Interoperability (OMI)

This blog post is to provide resources and access links for initiatives related to virtual worlds and metaverse interoperability including avatar appearance and world content. – Bridging virtual worlds by designing and promoting shared protocols.

I have previously blogged about OpenSimulator as an exemplar for some of the capabilities that will be useful for Metaverse platforms and services. This includes some resources, links and information on an experiment in 2008 on interoperability between Second Life and openSim. See this blog post:

Open Metaverse – the OpenSimulator Contribution, Blog Post August 14, 2015 by Austin Tate.

Update: 13-Jan-2022: Open Metaverse Traversal Group – MetaTr@versal

OMI Discord text channel #omi-metaverse-traversal

As a build up to a plenary meeting on 3-Mar-2022 to draft a declaration on Metaverse Portals, the third preparation meeting was held via Zoom on 13-Jan-2022.

Austin Tate presented the conceptual approach is allowing an avatar to use “Travel Outfits” and “Travel packs” for movement between different platforms in the Metaverse.

Slides are at

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