Second Life 360° Snapshots in WordPress

The Second Life viewer from version (15-Dec-221) now includes by default a facility to create 360° Snapshots. I have usually uploaded the resulting 360 panorama (equirectangular) to Flicker where they can be directly viewed and panned round, and just added a link to the Flickr image in my WordPress blog posts. But Inara Pey in one of her helpful blog posts has described how to directly embed 360° Snapshots in WordPress posts…


  1. Use the 360º viewer to take your image.
  2. Upload the image to your WordPress Media Library.
  3. Edit the image via your Media Library, and copy the URL as it is given.
  4. Edit the post in which you wish to embed the 360º image and position the cursor when you wish the image to appear.
  5. Switch to the Text view (click the tab at the top right of the WordPress text editor), and enter the following shortcode:
    [vr url=path-to-photo view=360]
    Where “path-to-photo” is the 360º image URL.
  6. Switch back to Visual (click the tab at the top right of the WordPress text editor), the shortcode should appear as you’ve typed it.
  7. Once you have created the 360º image shortcode:
    • Use the WordPress Preview option to check the layout of your post / page and that the image is properly displayed.
    • Use the Full Screen toggle option in the bottom right corner of the image to expand it to a full screen view and then click the icon again to return to the post / page view.
    • If you see a message similar to “Enter valid URL” or “failed to load the VR scene”, check to made sure you have added the shortcode and / or image URL correctly.

Here is an example using this method…

More details here:

Ah.. there seems to be no capability to add a “shortcode” block in our WordPress. To be investigated.

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