Vircadia – Resources

Vircadia is the continuation of the previous work by High Fidelity (see my earlier blog posts). This blog post is to provide resources and access links for Vircadia –

Vircadia Interface

Vircadia Server

Vircadia Server can be installed at the same time as the interface, then once a “domain” is started it gives a simple flat work surface to build upon and this can be visited in the interface. Then you can go to your user account dashboard and add a “place” with a chosen name to allow others to discover your domain and visit it.

Usually, only port 40102 for UDP access must be publicly exposed to permit others to connect to your domain.

3D models in FBX, glTF, or OBJ formats that are hosted at an external URL can be imported and placed in a domain. The images above show a couple of my test meshes (FBX in these cases).

Avatar Makers

Create Avatars Info:

Make Avatar:

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