Metaverse Fashion Week 2022

Fashion designer Jonathan Simkhai (@JonathanSimkhai) partnered with @Everyrealm & @BlueberryMeta to produce avatar clothing and the Metaverse Fashion Week runway fashion show event inside Second Life. The event was covered in various fashion magazines and on fashion web sites.

Promotional images from Jonathan Simkhai, Blueberry, Everyrealm and OceanSea social media

Discord “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) Session – 17-Feb-2022

Second Life Metaverse Fashion Show (9pm GMT, 17-Feb-2022)

360° Snapshot using Second Life Viewer 6.5.2 and Firestorm 6.5.3 Beta

VR View on Oculus Rift using Firestorm VR Mod 6.4.21 and 6.5.3 Beta

Jonathan Simkhai and Models (Images from Second Life and Jonathan Simkhai)

Fashion Available at Blueberry Main Store in Second Life


Real Life Clothing – Jonathan Simkhai Fall Winter 2022 Collection

Images from Jonathan Simkhai ( and Runway360 (

Update: 1-Jun-2022 –

Metaverse fashion label Blueberry Entertainment completes all-female senior leadership team – – Blog Post – Jeremy Lim – 1-Jun-2022

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  1. bat says:

    I would just suggest that rows of seating be placed WITHIN the regions adjacent to the main stage region but alongside the catwalk. Seats were just over the boundary, so avatars fell through snd underwater at the edge. Having the seats in place alongside but properly accessible would I think have improved the set design.

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