Musee Dezentral – NFT Museum

A browser-based viewer to look at Non-Fungible Token (NFT) owned artworks in the Metaverse created by @museedezentral. A Ready Player Me avatar can be used for your own appearance, though on a visit I could not seem my own avatar in the viewer.

Visit via

Displaying art so owners can display their property and others can enjoy and discuss it (via chat) is a positive thing, But unfortunately the acquisition of ownership via Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs, the cryptocurrency that is used for purchases, and the blockchain methods used to validate them comes at an enormous environmental cos. Surely there is a simpler and less impactful method to engage with artists a d the display and appreciation of art.

InSpace Art Gallery and Virtual Art

For example, see this virtual art gallery created back in 2008 in Second Life and OpenSim (Openvue grid) showing virtual and replicas of real artworks and sculptures… and visitable in VR…

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