HG Safari – Silent Refueling

The Hypergrid Safari Group met on 16th March 2022 to visit Outworldz grid’s “Silent Refueling” grid by Fred Beckhusen (avatar: Ferd Frederix) with building support from “Joe Builder”. The grid can be accessed via http://www.outworldz.com:9000. “Silent Refueling” is a tribute to the 1972 science fiction film Silent Running directed by Douglas Trumbull.

There is a “Silent Refueling Base” region (US spelling) where the bio-pods are prepared for launch out to space freighters which house them for security away form Earth, and a “Silent Refueling” region (again US spelling) where the space freighters are refuelling in the rings of Saturn. The events take place just before the time of the movie.

Silent Refueling Base

hop://www.outworldz.com:9000/Silent Refueling Base/401/737/28

Silent Refueling

hop://www.outworldz.com:9000/Silent Refueling/355/464/2178

HG Safari Visit to Silent Refueling on 16-Mar-2022

Thirza Ember Blog Post – https://hgsafari.blogspot.com/2022/03/safari-goes-silent.html

Fred Beckhusen (avatar: Ferd Frederix) in the DreamGrid setup creates visitor maps showing times that users are on a DreamGrid region. This is the map for the Outworldz Silent Refueling. Look for the 03/16/2022 visitor numbers (38 users). Note the date is in US format with mm/dd/yyy.


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