Shirelands in OpenSim

David Denny has an OpenSim grid “Shirelands” with Lord of the Rings themed regions. He was the original creator of the OpenSim Archive Files (OARs) used by Fred Beckhusen for the Outworldz DreamGrid versions of these regions. See this blog post. David makes his regions available for personal use via the OAR Shop on Shoptly. There is a Lord of the Ring’s themed quest that leads you through the regions and navigation is possible via signposts.

  • Entry Hub: hop:// Hub/264/206/22
  • Hobbiton and Bagshot Row: hop://
  • Bree and Buckland: hop:// and Buckland/95/11/3
  • Beorn’s House: hop:// House/144/29/22
    or Click on “New” sign at the Hub (as at 24-Apr-2022)
  • Mirkwood and Dol Guidor: hop://
  • Rohan – Edoras: hop://
  • Rivendell: hop://
  • David Denny says that Laketown, Dale and Halls of Stone regions may follow.

Hobbiton and Bagshot Row


Bree and Buckland


Beorn’s Home

Mirkwood and Dol Guidor


Rohan – Edoras



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2 Responses to Shirelands in OpenSim

  1. bat says:

    See also the “Lupe’s Magic Forest” region on the Shirelands Grid. hop://’s Magic Forest/52/96/22

  2. bat says:

    Update: 29-Apr-2022 by Fred Beckhusen:

    David Denny’s Lord of the Rings-themed regions as well as Black Beard’s Island have been acquired by Outworldz, LLC. David has agreed to continue to work on the regions with me at Outworldz to add on and complete the Quest script system.

    * Hobbiton
    * Edoras-Rohan
    * Hall of Stone
    * Beorns House
    * Mirkwood
    * Bree and Buckland
    * Rivendell plus the region name

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