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Spatial ( is a multi-platform virtual space for art exhibitions, events, virtual offices, etc. This blog post provides resources related to Spatial.

Ready Player Me Avatar Integration

Ai Austin’s Home – Space in Controls

Spatial “Team”

A team can be created and a shared meetup space for that team created.. e.g. “AiLand”. Others can then be invited to join the team via e-mail. With an appropriate environment (e.g. the 3D Outdoor Meetup space) a screen is available on which screen sharing, etc can be done.

You can set a space to be a team shared space by opening the space and using the “Share” icon in the top right hand corner (a figure with a “+”) to set the access to the space to the members of the group. The same settings also can allow group members to “Can Edit” the contents rather than just “Can View” them. This is necessary to give other members the ability to share their screen on in world objects. the
(Access to members of AiLand team Only)

Spatial Creator Toolkit for Unity

Spatial Creator Toolkit Example in Sandbox Spatial Creator Toolkit Example in Sandbox
Spatial Creator Toolkit -Supercar in Sandbox Spatial Creator Toolkit -Supercar in Sandbox

Visit Supercar in Spatial Here

Spatial Custom Avatars, Animations & Prefab Objects

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