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Aurelia’s Rainy Day Cafe

A quick visit to Aurelia’s Rainy Day Cafe in Second Life. Initially to pick up a (free) box of EEP Rainbow environment settings by Juicy Bomb (see this blog post)… but then I stayed to enjoy the cafe on the … Continue reading

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Mona or Monaverse is a browser based virtual world platform that provides a number of separate experiences connected via portals – Mona accepts registration and logins by connecting a cryptocurrency wallet such as Metamask and WalletConnect. Or you can … Continue reading

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Parallel by Tommy Hilfiger

Matching Virtual and In Real Life Outfits by Tommy Hilfiger – Outfits Redeemed in Wardrobe

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glTF Resources

glTF (GL Transmission Format) PDF: HTML: glTF 2.0 Quick Reference Guide (PDF) glTF 2.0 is now an ISO standard (4-Aug-2022): ISO/IEC 12113:2022 specification is available here. glTF Converters See glTF Avatars Ready Player Me … Continue reading

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Openvue grid goes behind Firewall

The Virtual University of Edinburgh “Openvue” grid on has been operating since 2007 on the OpenSimulator platform as an open Hypergrid accessible resource looked after by Prof. Austin Tate (avatar: Ai Austin) in the School of Informatics at the … Continue reading

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