Openvue grid goes behind Firewall

The Virtual University of Edinburgh “Openvue” grid on has been operating since 2007 on the OpenSimulator platform as an open Hypergrid accessible resource looked after by Prof. Austin Tate (avatar: Ai Austin) in the School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh.

Openvue will now be moved behind the University firewall and thus will not be accessible externally via the Hypergrid. It will continue to be available within the firewall or via the University’s secure VPN. This is part of a networking security effort by the University to close open ports for services run by individual departments or schools or by normal staff members.

Discussions are underway to potentially transfer the Openvue grid to run as a central service so Openvue may reappear on the Hypergrid at some time, though its griduri will change to a central one if that is done.

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