Ready Player Me Fashion

Ready Player Me ( allows the creation of cross platform avatars that can be exported in .gltf format for use or conversion to a range of virtual worlds and metaverse platforms and many other purposes. A range of clothing, outfits and fasion that may be openly accessible to anyone, or available in limited editions only for a limited subscription time (free or otherwise) is appearing. Examples include

Parallel Tommy Hilfiger

Male and female Outfits available via a free token for a limited time in August 2022. See this blog post.

Vogue Singapore

The September 2022 and October 2022 issues of Vogue Singapore (https:/ linked the virtual world fashion of fashion designer Yimeng Yu ( with Ready Player Me avatars. See this blog post.

New Balance






Metawear Web Site and Digital Fashion
Metawear Avatar Creator and Bondeglaur Outfits
Metawear Adam & Eve Digital Fashion Models [YouTube]

Universal Studios – Monsters

Outfits with Hoodies themed after Universal Studios Movie Monsters.
Object Claim Code (limited time around Halloween 2022)
Universal Monsters Avatar Creator

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