SwiftXR – Resources

SwiftXR lets a user create a project, drag and drop 3D objects into it, personalize it, and deploy cross-platform 3D, WebAR, and WebVR experiences. A basic project can be tried with an initial 5 credits given when you first register (as at September 2022). 1 credit is used when you make a project and download it as HTNML (in a zip file ready to deploy). But the platform is pay as you go after the initial credits are used.


Projects can include Ready Player Me avatars…

Direct Access to SwiftXR Ready Player Me Avatar Creator: https://swiftxr.readyplayer.me

Documentation: https://docs.swiftxr.io/
Tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChI10A1F-771X04TVEvigvw

Sample project: http://atate.org/aiaustin/SwiftXR-Ai/
1 Credit is used to generate app and download project HTML as a .Zip file

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