Crystal Frost – Unity Viewer for Second Life and OpenSim

Crystal Frost Logo by Berry Bunny
GitHub JennaScvl (Berry Bunny in Second Life, Kallisti#2038 on Discord) recently announced work on a Unity-based viewer for Second Life and OpenSim using LibreMetaverse. This blog post provides resources related to the development of Crystal Frost which is still at an early stage of development.

Join in the discussion on Discord [ Invite Link ] and there is a Crystal Frost Patreon web site to support the project and to get early access, though public releases are also planned.

The Unity project code and resources can be obtained at

Starter scene is in Scenes/SampleScene (may be renamed in later versions).

Early version comparison of Firestorm vs Crystal Frost by Kallisti on 1-Sep-2022:

Early development tests by Ai Austin on 21-Sep-2022 (water not in this version):

Update: February 2023 – New World News Blog Post, 2-Feb-2023

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