Openvue Continent on DreamGrid

The Virtual University of Edinburgh “Openvue” grid on has been operating since 2007 on the OpenSimulator platform as an open Hypergrid accessible resource looked after by Prof. Austin Tate (avatar: Ai Austin) in the School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh. Openvue has now been moved behind the University firewall and thus will not be accessible externally via the Hypergrid. It will continue to be available within the firewall or via the University’s secure VPN. This is part of a networking security effort by the University to close open ports for services run by individual departments or schools or by normal staff members.

Openvue OARs via open.ed

The Openvue regions separately and as a single 4×4 varregion “continent” continue to be available as OpenSim Archive files (OARs). See this blog post (19-Jul-2021) or this open.ed blog post.

The OARs can be downloaded via
Right mouse click on any .oar and ensure you save it as an .oar file (or it might be unzipped by the server before the download). OAR files are actually .tar.gx (.tgz) files.

Openvue Continent OAR via DreamGrid

Openvue is also available as an OAR (4×4) that can be loaded into a 4×4 sized region on DreamGrid, one of the largest OpenSim distributions [OAR File, Readme, Thumbnail Image]. CC BY-NC. For flexibility and future protection it is not exclusive to DreamGrid, so can be mounted on any OpenSim grid you wish.

Also available at the Outworldz OAR Library via

Openvue Continent on OSGrid

Since October 2022, Austin Tate (avatar: Ai Austin) has also made the Vue regions available on OSGrid via addon regions hosted on a home server. The continued availability of this cannot be guaranteed, but the regions are usually running to provide access to this archive material.

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