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Le Chateau Motel in Second Life Creator Victoire Sire says that the inspiration behind Le Chateau is a typical 80’s style American motel. I was interested to see that (from the poolside) it looks VERY similar to a Miami Beach hotel we stayed … Continue reading

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Diva Wifi for OpenSim 0.9.2.* and later

Diva Canto provides the popular “Diva Distribution (D2)” precompiled version of OpenSim which includes a number of addon modules. One of these is called “Wifi” and provides a web front-end interface to OpenSim running in “Standalone” or “Grid mode with … Continue reading

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Artemis I

Artemis I launched at 06:47hrs UT on 16-Nov-2022 from Launch Pad Complex 39B at Kennedy Space Center, in Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA. Artemis I – Website – Artemis I – Blog – Artemis I – Tracker – … Continue reading

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Mastodon Microblogging

Mastodon is a micro blogging social network similar to Twitter. But it is based on open source code and a distributed network of servers. You find a suitable server to register an account on and have a handle such as … Continue reading

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