Fallingwater by Miltone Marquette

I was inspired by one of Inara Pey’s excellent Second Life destinations reviews to visit another nice replica of Fallingwater in Second Life. Fallingwater is the home designed by Frank Llody Wright for Edgar J. Kaufmann and his family in the mid-1930s.

The Fallingwater build is by Miltone Marquette at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fivepenny/112/40/45. The plot is private but can be visited by contacting Miltone directly in-world to arrange a time when you might visit his reproduction of Fallingwater. Or you could take a look around from the public pathway nearby, or send up a camera drone. An excellent video tour by InWorld Films as an alternative is included below…

“Shoji Falling Water – 1/4 Sim” by Namuri

“Shoji Falling Water – 1/4 Sim” is a nice Second Life marketplace item by Namuri. It requires a large plot of Second Life land to rez and should be placed along with its included landscaping to work correctly.

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