World Economic Forum 2023 – Building the Metaverse

WEF23 Panel on A New Reality: Building the Metaverse

Panel on “A New Reality: Building the Metaverse” at the World Economic Forum in Davos, 18th January 2023.
Speakers: Nicholas Thompson (Chair, The Atlantic), Chris Cox (Meta Platforms), Enrique Lores (HP), Paula Ingabire (Minister ICT, Rwanda) , Neal Stephenson (Author of Snow Crash, Lamina1) and Cathy Li (WEF, Introducer).

Other Metaverse Related Content at the World Economic Forum

WEF Global Cooperation Village
(Currently in Limited Access to Partners)

WEF23 Press Conference on the Global Collaboration Village

Press Conference on the “Global Collaboration Village” at the World Economic Forum in Davos, 17th January 2023.
Speakers: Adrian Monck (Chair, WEF), Klaus Schwab (WEF), Julie Sweet (Accenture) and Brad Smith (Microsoft)

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