Roblox – 2023 NFL Concert

Superbowl LVII Logo
After checking out Roblox in July 2022, I returned to look at the “Rhythm City” experience created by Warner Music to accompany the 2023 NFL incorporating a motion captured virtual concert by Saweetie. More details here.

Oh Dear! – Aspirational Things?

The Rhythm City theming I suppose does lend itself to musicians and performance artists, but maybe the aspirational careers suggested to the target 15-25 audience are a bit limiting. No scientists, engineers, teachers or care workers there.

In Rhythm City you can:

  • Get a cool job, including influencer, musician, agent, producer and more
  • Own a house, drive hot cars, and have friends over to chill and listen to music
  • Explore, role-play, and live like a star

Saweetie Concert

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