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This blog post is to provide resources and links related to the MIT Licenced open source Godot Game Engine.

As an initial test I imported a glTF 2.0 mesh file created from my Blender version of Supercar 2023. Godot prefers glTF versus file formats like FBX and has inbuilt importers for glTF and its binary form glb, though with addon importers like FBX2glTF (which is offers) other formats can be handled.

Supercar in Godot

The mesh can be imported into the scene by dragging the item from the “Filesystem” panel to the “Scene” panel. A tip to be able to edit child parts of an imported mesh (such as the Supercar above) is to right click on it when in the Scene and tick “Editable Children” and then “Expand/Collapse Branch”.

Tutorial Videos

Adding an Avatar to a Godot Scene


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