Cuteulula Artis Roller Coasters

Cuteulala Artis - MeWe Profile ImageI have posted before about Cuteulala Artis’s roller coaster builds in OpenSim, her free to use (in OpenSim only) Optera coaster, and her CuteulalaPark region on OSGrid.


Via her MeWe posts, Cuteulala recently made available on OAR similar to the OSGrid Theme Park 2 region and then an update exclusively for use in the DreamGrid distribution of OpenSim.

Map of Cuteulala Park 2

Cuteulala Park 2 Availability, Terms of Use and Licence

Cuteulala Artis on MeWe 6-Mar-2023:

Hi there!! As a thanks to Outworldz I decided I am gonna donate the Cuteulala Park 2 to DreamGrid for all to use. This means I will cease sales of this OAR! So I will instead accept donations to this link here. While I am not comfortable selling things I will instead have donations to my payee’s PayPal account instead. You will be able to download all my OARs but have the option to donate or not. I think this is the best action so that more people can enjoy the work for free.

This is a 2×2 Region theme park optimized for YEngine.

The terms are as follows:

  • NOTICE: Script Timer must be 0.05 or Lowest so that the sensors can be fast enough to stop and start the fast moving trains!
  • None Monetary use. No Second Life Import of any kind. Opensim ONLY.
  • You can edit / change the work with the code without SALE and only personal use. You can use it in a commercial grid without monetary and ALL CREDITS OF ORIGINAL CREATOR (Cuteulala Artis) must be present in the sim.
  • Add a link to the free OAR preferably at the spawn point and to the location of this post.

Fred Beckhusen will add the OAR to the main oar segment in DreamGrid. I will no longer be selling OARs and will have a donation. Previous commercial buyers of the OAR do reserve there normal rights to commercial usage of course! Donations can be sent here. Also note: No I am NOT a guy. I have a representative payee who gets my checks from social security and manages all my bills. Money goes to him then me to protect clients.

Themepark_2023-01-16_01_30_45.oar (219.49 MB)

If you have access to this original version for OpenSim please delete the “Pedestrian Controller” (located at <407, 229.656, 21.3352>) as it should not have been included for licencing reasons.

Cuteulala Park 2 Minor Update

This version is the one now available and is for exclusive use on DreamGrid installations of OpenSim. It fixes some errors with scripts and removes some assets not meant to be released to the public. The Pedestrian Controller is removed. If you have taken a copy of this item delete it as its not authorized for release. Usage of the scripts and its assets isn’t permitted.. yet.

Say thanks with a optional donation:

READ FIRST: Restriction to exclusive use on DreamGrid distributions of OpenSim
[Text, Thumbnail Image, OAR (as .tgz)]

Winxtropia+Themepark_2023-03-12_00_19_29(2X2).oar (217.73 MB)

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