Blender Nodes – Resources

This blog post provides links and resources related to the use of “Nodes” and their “Noodle” links to create workflows in Blender, especially for creating PBR Materials with Albedo images, Metallic, Roughness and Height Maps/Normals.

Learn the BASICS of Material Shading in Blender – YouTube by Brandon’s Drawings

How to setup PBR textures in Blender by Daniel Grove Photo: In this video you’ll learn the fundamentals of nodes, materials, and using image maps to create realistic surfaces for your models. I’ll also show you how I modify my textures with nodes for further flexibility and unique looks.

ORM Textures In Blender by Chevifier: ORM textures is a technique used to store multiple PBR textures values into 1 texture on each RGB channel. This save both on storage space and easier texture management. For example instead of having 5+ textures you would generally only have 3.(Color/Albedo), ORM and Normal Map). ORM corresponds to ambient Occlusion, Roughness and Metallic. But you can store them in any order.

Example material use for testing… space-crate1-pbr

Sample PBR Materials

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