For the Love of Fashion

Edinburgh 60 Years of AI and CSThis event is part of a year-long celebration marking sixty years of research into computer science and AI at the University of Edinburgh. Starting in 1963 with a small group of machine intelligence pioneers, and computer science innovators, the University has 60 years of achievements to celebrate during 2023, and its leadership in future technologies to share. More information about the celebration:

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Our love of fashion is driving an unsustainable system of manufacturing, distributing and disposing of our clothing that is impacting our planet. How can we change our behaviour and the system for the love of the planet? What does the data tell us, how can we harness new technology such as Artificial Intelligence, robotics and informatics, and creative tools such as Augmented and Virtual Reality. What is the role of 3D environments, games and NFTs in fashion?

EFI Future of Fashion Presenters

Lynne Craig Presentation Lynne Craig Presentation
Lynne Craig Presentation

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