OpenSim Dev Nessie

Nessie Image from “Yeti” was released on 29-Mar-2023 (see Release Notes), so the development branch will now be OpenSim Dev. The significant number increase is because the new version uses .NET6.0 as a base versus .NET4.6 (runprebuild) or optionally .NET4.8 (runprebuild48). This change has been under development for a while in the “dotnet6” branch.

To mark the change to 0.9.3.x the “flavour” name has changed from “Yeti” to “Nessie”.

OpenSim Dev latest can usually be obtained at

OSGrid Dotnet6 Branch

As at 16-Apr-2023 OSGrid also provides a Dotnet6 precompiled addon region build for testing, alongside the usual version which will be the last such release. Note this release still reports its version as Dev Yeti (osgrid-opensim-03232023.v0.9.2.d1466eb) as it is based on a versoin just before the version and flavour update. See

Nessie Image from

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