Second Life – Teletubbies

Blueberry - Teletubbies OutfitsThe Teletubbies (by BBC – see Wikipedia) have arrived in Second Life.. or at least via outfits created by Blueberry and on display on the Cutieland region. So say “Eh-ho!” to Tinky Winky (Purple), Dipsy (Green), Laa-Laa (Yellow) and Po (Red).

Also pick up a free Teletubbies T-Shirt from the inworld store.

Second Life Destination - Cutieland
Blueberry - Teletubbies Store

Blueberry Teletubbies Inspired Outfits and Plushies

Tinky Winky - Purple Dipsy - Green Laa-Laa - Yellow Po - Red

YouTube Video by Becky

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