Second Life Bear Hunt

Linden Bear Template - from WikipediaMany Second Life “Lindens” and “Moles” of the past and present have their own personal and unique teddy bear to share with Residents who ask them for it. Most of these Linden Bears are modifications of the Linden Bear Template made by Nicole Linden, which can be seen on the right. More information on Linden Bears at

Bear Castle

For bear hunting in Second Life, a good place to start is at Bear Castle on the Dechene region. There are many displays of Linden Bears, special event bears, etc. You can also find a box with a starter collection of 50+ bears and a notecard on how to add to your collection.

Bear Castle Bear Castle

Linden Bear Template

Get a full perm copy of the Linden Bear Template (the white bear) created by Nicole Linden from Belinda Linden’s office on the first floor of
Belinda Linden Office - Full Perm Linden Bear Template

Second Life Marketplace – Linden Bears

There are a few free bears on the Second Life Marketplace listed under the “Linden Bears” category:

Second Life Birthday – Linden Bear Island

Often at the Second Life Birthday event and display areas held each July you can find “Bear Island” which displays many of the Linden Bears and special event bears created over the years. Many of the bears here can be obtained freely while the event is on. E.g. the SL20B twentieth birthday SL20B Bear Island (see this blog post)
SL20B Bear Island SL20B Bear Island

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