PBR Materials on OpenSim

This blog post reports early testing of the use of a virtual worlds viewer capable of rendering Physically Based materials (PBR) in OpenSimulator (as well as Second Life). A blog post describing PBR and giving some resources is available here.

This uses the Firestorm PBR Alpha early test viewer ( 22-Aug-2023). See this blog post. For more Information join the Second Life “Phoenix-Firestorm Preview Group” and look for the notices which include te most recent version download links. Other viewers are also starting to incorporate PBR rendering such as Cool VL (http://sldev.free.fr/).

PBR Materials are supported on versions of OpenSim Dev Master (dotnet6 branch) from 26-Aug-2023. One region on OSGrid named “Dev Outreach” has been updated to this version or beyond and could be used for testing. Please clean up after yourself as its not a sandbox style region with autoreturn.

Update 26-Aug-2023: many other OSGrid regions are now moving to OpenSim for dotnet6 version 26-Aug-2023 which includes early support for PBR materials.

Water Bottle

PBR Materials Components - Image from blender.org
Water Bottle – Source Mesh FBX, glTF Object and PBR Materials

The FBX can be converted to Collada (.dae) via (e.g.) Blender for import to OpenSim. Then import the glTF material or create a new material in the viewer and add the relevant textures separately (baseColor, occlusionRoughnessMetallic, emissive, normal).

Ready Player Me Avatar with PBR Materials

Ready Player Me avatars are exported as glTF and can be converted via Blender with the Bento Buddy or Onigiri plugins to Collada for upload to Second Life and OpenSim. See this blog post for more details and the process involved. The textures provide with the avatar allow for PBR materials to be created. An example “Gamer” avatar includes emissive properties.

A big advantage of the PBR Viewers is that the Ready Player Me .gltf file can be used to load all the PBR materials, their properties and constituent textures in one bulk upload. Use Build -> Upload -> Materials and select the avatar .gltf and then use the drop down menu to select the “Bulk Upload All” option.

This features does not yet work on Firestorm PBR Alpha due to some issues with Material uploads. It is expected to be fixed by the end of August 2023.

PBR Viewers - glTF materials Bulk Upload

Checks on OSGrid Regions updated to Dev Nessie with PBR Support

Using opensim- (2023-08-26 dotnet6 branch) over the Current OSGrid packaged release osgrid-opensim-04132023.v0.9.3.ae73999.zip (2023-04-13 dotnet6).

OSGrid Oil Rig with PBR Viewer OSGrid Black Rock with PBR Viewer

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