History of the Development of Max

Preparation for Panel Session at OpenSimulalator Community Conference 2023: Max – New Free Mesh bodies for OpenSim Avatar – History of the project, current Ruth2 and Roth2 avatars, testing models, managing artists and the community social media channels.

Further resources for the Max, Maxine and Maxwell mesh avatars are available at https://blog.inf.ed.ac.uk/atate/2023/09/13/max-new-open-source-mesh-avatar/


GitHub RuthAndRoth OrganizationRuthAndRoth GitHub Organization

In 2019 Fred Beckhusen created the GitHub RuthAndRoth “organization” as a shared community umbrella to improve open source community management of the project. Ada Radius, Ai Austin and Serie Sumei continue to act administrators.

Github Organization: https://github.com/RuthandRoth

There are several code and resource repositories available:

  • Ruth – the original Ruth 2.0 RC#2 and RC#3 and Roth 2.0 RC#1 resources with Git archival branches for the releases.
  • Ruth2 – female mesh avatar – Ruth2 v4.
  • Roth2 – male mesh avatar – Roth2 v2.
  • Extras – attachments and resources of interest for open source avatars.
  • Skins – open source skins.
  • Reference – archive of Second Life and OpenSimulator avatar-related reference files.
  • Max – repository for the new Max, Maxine and Maxwell avatars.

A simple management approach to code and resource contributions and preparation of releases is taken at present. There is a “Contrib/<name> which any creator may establish and into which they can commit their own contributions. Hence they can make them available to the community for testing and feedback.

Repository issues can be raised for discussion and a repository “Wiki” allows for useful documentation. Social media channels, in particular via Discord, are available to discuss developments, testing, etc. Selected elements can then be copied to the main repository directories and adopted into releases.

Ruth2 v4 and Roth2 v2

The current versions of the RuthAndRoth avatars are Ruth2 v4 and Roth2 v2. The previous versions were called Ruth 2.0 RC#1, RC#2 and RC#3 and Roth2 RC#1 vu are now referred to as Ruth2 v1, v2 and v3 and Roth2 v1.

Ruth2 v4 Release Box Packaging Roth2 v2 Release Box Packaging

Due to changes in Blender and add-ins for handling Bento rigged mesh avatars (Avastar and Bento Buddy) the original Ruth2 v4 and Roth2 v2 dev kits are no longer functional, though the original Collada DAE exports remain valid in both Second Life and OpenSim. Clothing options, particularly for the male Roth2 v2 are very limited.

Facilities on the OpenSim OSGrid RuthAndRoth Region

An OpenSim community region on OSGrid called “RuthAndRoth” is available to allow any user on any grid that implements the “Hypergrid” protocol to get in-world prepared resources and boxed releases. There is a Second Life marketplace also called “RuthAndRoth” for boxed release items. An avatar “RuthAndRoth Resident” exists in both OpenSim (on OSGrid) and Second Life to “own” the canonical version of each released item.

The OpenSim OSGrid RuthAndRoth region has shelving which contains the release boxes as well as clothing and other useful items. A platform includes teleport boards to other compatible clothing providers.

OSGrid RuthAndRoth Region OSGrid RuthAndRoth Region

Also on the OSGrid RuthAndRoth region is a platform equipped with extensive testing facilities for animations and mesh quality checks via dance poses and a wide variety of pose stands.

OSGrid RuthAndRoth Region Testing Area

Second Life Marketplace – RuthAndRoth Store

Second Life Marketplace - RuthAndRoth Store

Created with GIMP

Resources and Social Media

Note not all of the resources below by any means will contain Max, Maxine or Maxwell relevant content at this early stage, but the links are here for possible future use.

  • GitHub:
  • Social Forums and Discussion:
  • Second Life:
    • Second Life Group: “RuthAndRoth” (free to join) – Group name place holder.
    • Second Life Group: “Ruth and Roth Community” (free to join) – Most active and recommended for use.
    • Second Life Marketplace Store: RuthAndRoth (ensure “Adult” content is allowed)
  • OpenSim:
    • OSGrid Inworld Location: hop://hg.osgrid.org:80/RuthAndRoth/134/124/26
    • OpenSimulator Community Conference (OSCC) Grid Location: hop://cc.opensimulator.org:8002/OSCC%20Shopping%20Zone/256/242/86
    • OSGrid OpenSim Group: “RuthAndRoth” (free to join)
    • OpenSim Kitely Market: RuthAndRoth Store (products not currently listed)

Previous Core Contributions to Ruth2 and Roth2 Avatars

  • Original Ruth 2.0 RC#1, RC#2 and RC#3 and Roth 2.0 RC#1 meshes modelled in Zbrush by Shin Ingen with rigging and vertex weight maps by Ada Radius.
  • GitHub Repository management and testing by Fred Beckhusen, Outworldz LLC (Ferd Frederix), Ai Austin and Serie Sumei.
  • Revised mesh, rigging and vertex weight maps by Ada Radius.
  • Improvements to feet meshes by Sundance Haiku and Curious Creator.
  • Fingernails and toenails by Sundance Haiku.
  • UV map is CC-BY Linden Lab.
  • HUD mesh, textures and scripts by Serie Sumei using modifications to original scripts by Shin Ingen and nail enhancements by Sundance Haiku.

Previous Contributors to Ruth2 v4 and Roth2 v2 Development (18)

    Ada Radius
    Ai Austin
    Chimera Firecaster
    Duck Girl
    Elenia Boucher
    Fred Beckhusen
    Fritigern Gothly
    Joe Builder
    Kayaker Magic
    Lelani Carver
    Leona Morro
    Linden Lab
    Mike Dickson
    Noxluna Nightfire
    Sean Heavy
    Serie Sumei
    Shin Ingen
    Sundance Haiku

Contributors to Max (8)

    Ada Radius
    Ai Austin
    Curious Creator
    Kayaker Magic
    Linden Lab
    Serie Sumei
    Sundance Haiku
    Tom Ernst (aka Owl Eyes)

Max, Maxine and Maxwell

The new underlying avatar created directly in Blender by Ada Radius is called “Max” which can be morphed into female and male variants called “Maxine” and “Maxwell”. The avatar armature is refined via research on the character folder in Second Life/OpenSim viewers https://github.com/New-Media-Arts-New-Viewer-Avatar.

Ada Radius - early work on Max open source avatar

Maxine Draft1.1 by Ada RadiusMaxine Draft1.1 – 15-Nov-2023

The initial draft of Maxine was made available on 15th November 2023 by Ada Radius.

The .blend file, a .dae (Colada) uploadable mesh avatar for Second Life and OpenSim, along with export from Blender and import to OpenSim build instructions are available at https://github.com/RuthAndRoth/Max/tree/master/Contrib/Ada%20Radius

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