Supercar Updated Model

Supercar in Unity
Supercar in Khronos glTF Test Viewer Supercar in Khronos glTF Test Viewer - Dash

Our original Supercar 3D model was created in Cinema 4D by Mick Imrie with support from Austin Tate back in 1998 (see and subsequently converted to a number of other modelling tools by people in the Gerry Anderson Model Makers Alliance (GAMMA). Via conversions its been used in a range of ways including flight simulators, space simulators, games, virtual worlds, VR experiences, etc.

Over the last couple of years Mick Imrie has also been developing a new model with help from Austin Tate and Shane Pickering. It includes simplified geometry suitable for making various levels of detail and for having variants suited to different platforms like flight simulators and game engines as well as high fidelity mesh models for rendering. See

1998 Model Updated with Lessons Learned

Supercar in Blender 4.0

Using some of the lessons learned while studying for the 2021-onwards update by Mick Imrie, Austin Tate has taken the original 1998 model, converted it for Blender and incorporated changes that are compatible with the original shape. It is still a model with high complexity and the basic shape is unaltered from the 1998 model. But it fixes a number of issues with flipped normals, the fuselage and dashboard top piping is altered to a light brass colour, the side “Supercar” logo has the rounded “A” top, hidem banding is attached to the front seat, etc.

Supercar in Blender 3.6.5

The model is arranged with parts that can be hidden for extended or retracted wings, for an open or closed canopy and for the rocket gun and cowling.

Supercar in Unity

Via FBX (.fbx) export from Blender, the Supercar model can be taken into Unity using the Standard Rendering Profile (SDP) or the High Definition Rendering Profile (HDRP).

Supercar in Unity 2023.1.18f1 - SRP
Supercar in Unity 2023.1.18f1 - HDRP

Khronos glTF Test Viewer

As a test the Blender model was exported to glTF(.glb or .gltf) and tested in the Khronos glTF Test Viewer, which is intended to act as a benchmark for such models. [GitHub Code]

Addons – Rocket Gun and Cowling

Mick Imrie’s Supercar rocket gun and cowling was also converted to Blender. This used Mick Imrie’s Cinema4D model converted to Studio Max by Mateen Greenway and then to FBX via the online converter at

Supercar Rocket Gun Cowling Supercar Rocket Gun

Fan Produced Model

Supercar was created by A.P. Film Studios in association with ITC (now ITC Studios). Supercar 3D Model by Mick Imrie with technical assistance and later conversion to Blender by Austin Tate. Original Supercar designed by Reg Hill of A.P. Films. This is fan produced material to promote the shows of Gerry Anderson and provided for your enjoyment, and should not be used for any commercial purpose.

Update: 19-Nov-2023 – Black Rock Laboratory Updated Model

The same treatment has been applied to the Black Rock Laboratory Exterior (original model by Austin Tate) and Interior (original model by Mick Imrie) to correct the many flipped normals and convert to Blender. The opportunity was taken to adopt the details documented during support to Graham Bleathman for his Black Rock Laboratory cutaway published in Fanderson’s FAB 98 (July 2022, see this 2021 blog post). An import to Unity 2023 was also done via FBX.

BRL Exterior in Blender BRL Interior in Blender
Black Rock Lab in Blender - Quad View
Black Rock Lab Exterior in Unity Black Rock Lab Exterior in Unity
Black Rock Lab Interior in Unity Black Rock Lab Interior in Unity

Mike Mercury Pilot Figure

Mike Mercury was added using my 3D scan of the Harrop Mike Mercury Statue. See this blog post. This was then tidied up in Blender, the base removed and the mesh cut into upper and lower parts to allow for a seated pose in Supercar.
Mike Mercury Figure in Blender
Mike Mercury Figure in Unity Mike Mercury Figure in Unity
Mike Mercury Figure in Unity

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    On 3rd and 6th December 2023 Stephen La Riviere at Century 21 Films made available his “Full Boost Vertical” documentary about the making of Supercar and the people involved in its production on YouTube…

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