Palia – Resources

Palia Splash Screen
Palia ( is a World of Warcraft style questing game. This blog post provides some resources to help in initial game play.

Palia Avatars

Avatars can be tailored at start up and after a delay (a week?) some outfit items can be altered.

Palia Avatar - Customization
Palia Avatar - Ai Palia Avatar - Be

Palia Quests

Palia sets tasks and provides NPC to interact with to obtain information, tasks and access to tools. Resources can be chopped or mined to allow items to be crafted. A home location can be set up with crafted items at the start of game play. The initial game play is quite linear in nature.

Palia Crafting Palia Crafting

Palia Friends and Communities

You can link up with friends and create communities within Palia. A referral link is provided to all users so that hey can invite friends to join.

A Few Controls and Keyboard and Commands

O = Social, P = Skills, M = Map, R = Tools.
Use the mouse scroll wheel to switch between multiple different inventory bars.

Palia Map and Almanac

Palia Map from Almanac - Kilima

Fine getting started instructions in the Palia Almanac (PDF Document).

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