OpenSimulator Community Conference 2023 – OSCC23

OSCC 2023 Logo

The OpenSimulator Community Conference (OSCC) is one of the longest running virtual conference series, having started in 2013 and run annually since. This is OSCC’s 11th year and the event celebrates 16 years of OpenSimulator as the first commit was January 31, 2007. The OpenSimulator community and Avacon Inc. come together to run the event on the OpenSimulator Community Conference (OpenSimCC) grid – [LoginURI:]

The main keynote presentations area uses the adjacent corners of 4 sims to provide capacity for up to around 400 attendees.

OSCC Keynote Regions OSCC Keynote Regions

There are many other regions for avatars, shopping, exhibition booths for presenters, OpenSim community hub, music and dance venues, etc.

Links to my blog posts on earlier OpenSimulator Community Conferences..

Sponsors and Crowdfunders

OSCC 2023 Sponsors OSCC 2023 Crowdfunders

Shopping and Avatar Zone

This year the Ready Plater Me avatars I created and converted for OpenSim (see this blog post) were packaged by Sun Tze to be available as sample mesh avatars…
Ready Player Me Avatars Ready Player Me Avatars

Day One

OpenSim Core Devs Panel OSCC 2023 Audience
OSCC 2023 Audience

OSCC23 OpenSimulator Code Contribution Commits Visualization for 2023:

Day Two

OSCC 2023 Day Two Audience

OSCC 2023 - Max Panel

Ada Radius, Ai Austin and Serie Sumei participated in a panel on the “Max” open source mesh avatar which can be morphed into female and male variants – “Maxine” and “Maxwell”. For more details see and

Maxine Draft v109 at OSCC 2023

Kayaker Magic and Ada Radius presented on Arcadia Asylum – who was a creator in Second Life who made many Wonderful items and gave them away to the community for free. Years later many of us in Second Life and OpenSim continue to enjoy her creations. You can still learn lessons in 3D modelling, UV mapping and texture mapping by taking these items apart!
See LoginURI for Grid:
[Spreadsheet of Provenance of the Models and Resources]

OSCC 2023 Arcadia Asylum OSCC 2023 Arcadia Asylum
OSCC 2023 Arcadia Asylum OSCC 2023 Arcadia Asylum
OSCC 2023 Arcadia Asylum OSCC 2023 Arcadia Asylum

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