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PBR Materials on OpenSim

This blog post reports early testing of the use of a virtual worlds viewer capable of rendering Physically Based materials (PBR) in OpenSimulator (as well as Second Life). A blog post describing PBR and giving some resources is available here. … Continue reading

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Blender Nodes – Resources

This blog post provides links and resources related to the use of “Nodes” and their “Noodle” links to create workflows in Blender, especially for creating PBR Materials with Albedo images, Metallic, Roughness and Height Maps/Normals. Learn the BASICS of Material … Continue reading

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Second Life PBR Materials Tests

A development of Second Life is introducing Physical Based Rendering (PBR) materials based on the glTF specification. Some links and resources are in my earlier blog post. Test Materials with Metallics, Lights and Emission Ready Player Me Avatar with All … Continue reading

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Second Life PBR – Resources

Update August 2023 – The Linden Lab PBR Viewer is now a Release Candidate and gradually addressing issues as they are raised. Firestorm also has an Alpha PBR Test viewer available through the inworld “Phoenix-Firestorm Preview Group”. Example PBR Materials … Continue reading

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