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IPAB Web Site

The University of Edinburgh School of Informatics Institute for Perception Action and Behaviour (IPAB), which is Edinburgh’s Robotics Institute and part of the Edinburgh Centre for Robotics (jointly with Heriot-Watt University) has a new web site… http://web.inf.ed.ac.uk/ipab

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Valkyrie Avatar

The Edinburgh Centre for Robotics is to get a NASA Valkyrie Robot in March 2016 as part of its Robotarium. The Valkyrie robotic platform was originally designed and built in 2013 to carry out search and rescue missions in line … Continue reading

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Edinburgh Centre for Robotics

The Edinburgh Robotics Centre is a joint activity between the University of Edinburgh Schools of Informatics and Engineering and Heriot-Watt University’s Engineering and Physical Sciences, Mathematical and Computer Sciences Department. My research interest is in Human and Robotic Agent Collaboration … Continue reading

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Robert the Robot X N

On the Space City region in the OpenSim-based OSGrid near to Venus’s Beach House are some experiments with “Robert the Robot” NPCs, both persistent across server restarts and temporary variants. In addition, a custom pose for the jetmobile rider has … Continue reading

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Robert the Robot Avatar on OpenSim

Message understood… on our way ‘ome… Robert the Robot, co-pilot of Fireball XL5, a transparent robot invented by Professor Matic and Earth’s most advanced mechanical man (voiced by an uncredited Gerry Anderson using an artificial larynx and the only main … Continue reading

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Posthuman Pedagogy – Think Like a Robot

   See http://atate.org/mscel/think/ When discussing the nature of an individual’s beliefs about intelligence, knowledge or the learning process, I have noticed in a number of discussion forum threads on EDEDC and ULOE11 where it can be a useful device to … Continue reading

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