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Sine Space – Gerry Anderson Region

The Sine Space (now rebranded “sinespace”) virtual world “Space City” region contains 3D models and scenes from a number of Gerry Anderson TV productions… Supercar and Black Rock Laboratory Fireball XL5 and Space City Stingray and Marineville Thunderbirds Space:1999 Visit … Continue reading

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Thunderbirds in VR

And just because we can… instead of using NASA ISS and spacecraft models as in the ISS VR Experience, I substituted Gerry Anderson Thunderbirds models obtained from the 3D Sketchup Warehouse (search for Gerry Anderson). Try the web player version … Continue reading

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International Rescue – Thunderbirds

Gerry Anderson who created Supercar and Fireball XL5 (which feature in my own interests and blog posts) produced a range of TV shows for children (and others) especially using puppets, but also live action shows, and more recently had been … Continue reading

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