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X-15 VR Experience in Unity3D

As a variant on my recent Unity3D Gerry Anderson’s Supercar-themed “Avgas, Will Travel” VR Experience for the Oculus Rift… I added a 3D model of the X-15A-2 by TaffGoch. Although, of course, the X-15 was not an orbital craft (See … Continue reading

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Flight Simulator in Virtual Reality with Flyinside FSX

Virtual Reality comes to Microsoft Flight Simulator today as Flyinside FSX (https://flyinside-fsx.com/) reached its first full version 1.0 release. It has been created by Daniel Church with Kickstarter backing and is now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator boxed versions and … Continue reading

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Hypersonic in Microsoft Flight Simulator X

Having been an enthusiastic user of Flight Simulator for the PC since the early 1990s, its been nearly 10 years since I last used Flight Simulator 2002… I skipped FS2004 (a.k.a “A Century of Flight” or FS9), and did not … Continue reading

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