PhD Positions in my Research Group

I am always interested to hear from keen students to join my group!

If you are interested in working with me, e.g. as PhD or MRes student, please get in touch. Fully funded places are available in the Edinburgh Centre for Doctoral Training in Pervasive Parallelism.

The School has a number of competitive studentships for PhD study. I am interested in taking on PhD students to work on the following areas:

  • Dynamic Program Analysis and Transformation, including (Semi-)Automatic Parallelisation of Legacy Applications, and Identification of Structured Parallelism, including Algorithmic Skeletons
  • Code Generation and Optimisation, especially for Embedded Platforms
  • Just-in-Time Compilation
  • Instruction Set Simulation, including Dynamic Binary Translation and Full-System Simulation
  • Performance Estimation in Simulators
  • Hardware/Software Design Space Exploration

Please do contact me for further information on any of these areas. If you are sending me an informal enquiry, please put the term “PhD Application” in the title of the email. Please also include a CV and a brief statement of research interest. Informal enquiries do not constitute an application, and I ignore all unpersonalised emails (if you are serious about a PhD, you send individual enquiries not mass mailed ones). To apply you should use the usual University of Edinburgh application. However I do recommend that you back up any application with an informal enquiry. January 1 is considered to be a first cutoff for applications. Though I do accept applications after that date, I do recommend you try to apply before that date if you can as it makes it easier to get funding.