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February 7, 2014

User Accounts

by neilb @ 4:53 pm

We don’t use the standard WordPress mechanism for . For DICE users, this isn’t really a problem, as using Cosign logging in just works.

However, for iFriend users, or for blog owners who want to invite a user to join their blog, it complicates things slightly.

We’ve disabled the ability for blog owners to add and invite new users. However they can add existing users to their blogs. So this means any new users need to register with blog.inf before the blog owner can add them to their blog.

New users can simply create their own account on blog.inf just by logging in via “log in” link on the front page of blog.inf. For DICE users it will either “just work”, or they’ll be redirected to weblogin.inf where you’d enter their normal DICE username and password. For visitors, or guests that do not have a DICE account, they will have first had to register for a DICE iFriend account. Once they have an iFriend account, then they would log into weblogin.inf with the email address and password they registered.

With the blog accounts created, the blog owner will be able to add users to their site using them email address of the user.

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