Project 194 – A New Archiving Policy For Informatics

The correct curation and archiving of data is something which is becoming of more and more importance, both to the University and to the funders who provide the University with much of its income. Unfortunately, it is something that is very hard to do well. I was tasked with investigating the archiving needs of the School of Informatics and producing a report on how we might best approach this.

Just how important data curation is becoming is illustrated by the fact that I currently have no less than three active projects in this area, this one, and project 307 – Produce a MHR Data Asset Register – Requirements and Design Phase. To try and make sense of how we should approach these projects, I wrote this short note suggesting that this project and project 290 be stalled while effort was focused on project 307. It looks likely that this suggestion will be approved so please look on the project 307 page for further updates.

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