Project 307 – Produce a MHR Data Asset Register – Requirements and Design Phase

This project is intended to lay the groundwork for populating a as yet unimplemented data asset register with details of the the Medium and High Risk Data held within the School of Informatics, that is data which if lost or exposed to public gaze could harm the University’s reputation or contravene the Data Protection Act. It is intended that the Data Asset Register which this project will eventually lead to should not be limited to only MHR data but should be a more general data curation resource for the School and perhaps for the College of Science and Engineering as well.

Being allocated this project meant I now had three data curation projects on the go at the same time. This clearly made little sense and so I wrote this short note to try and pull the threads of the project together. My conclusion was that we should focus on this project and stall the other two and this seems to have been accepted so keep visiting this page for more data curation news. It looks like the CCPAG sub-group mentioned in the note will have its first meeting in the second week of January 2015. Hopefully, there will be more to report after that meeting.

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